Universal Sharpener 6v1


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Your ideal companion at work, in the office, at home, in the garden and in the workshop. With the help of this tool, you can easily and simply return the former sharpness to your knives, scissors and secateurs.
The sharpener design consists of the following main elements:
Two tungsten carbide stones with one working edge for sharpening knives with flat
Abrasive stone made of tungsten carbide for precise finishing and straightening of knife blades and
Stone with two working edges made of tungsten carbide for sharpening scissors and knives for
sliced bread.
Tungsten carbide stone with one working edge for sharpening garden shears and
-Guide – limiter.
-Arched guard to protect hands from cuts.
-Non-slip handle for holding the tool.
-Anti-corrosion lubricating oil.
-Sponge – cap for lubricating hinges and blades of scissors and secateurs.
-Household and kitchen:
-Sharpening knives of various shapes and sizes, including serrated knives for slicing bread.
– Sharpening kitchen and other scissors used in the household.

-Sharpening stationery knives.
-Sharpening stationery scissors.

-Sharpening secateurs and garden shears with straight and spherical blades.

Distinctive features:
-Does not require power supply.
-Does not require special operating skills.
-Easy to store and use.
-Small dimensions and weight.
-Increased operational safety


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Universal Sharpener 6v1
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